Be proud dipite precieved flaws as those flaws live only in the eyes of those who judge…

We are not perfect but we are We.  How we adjust to life’s challenges is what’s important.

Comprehention is a treasure and forgivenss is a gift.   Heavy heats weigh us down.

Many are aflected by the actions of hate and many more cannot excape the pain that vibrates around us.

We know why and we know how, now we must decide when. When to Change, change happens everyday, and for some change will be the path to greatness.

Understand your strength, as it lived in your veins.   Our strength is what makes us who we are and who we will become.  Communication and adjustment will heal us from the dark days of the past.

Darkness will also come in friendly forms that will attempt to seporate you from your power.  Power is love, power is knowledge, power is truth, and power is family.   So move forward with your power and watch every second, minute, hour, get better.

This forward movement is what will keep us strong!