The Black Debt.. Time To Cash In.

“I see our local and national leaders continue to ignore the needs of the African American Community.  Equal Employment and Business Development, Quality Public Education and Standards, Youth Training and Trade Skills, and Affordable Housing & Rent Control.  Not hand outs but investment in our economic sovereignty.  Our neighborhoods are in a state of blight and dilapidation, while redevelopment fund are aimed at non African American areas.  I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and I hope this piece inspires you get active and excite the inactive.” – AKIL

The Black Debt.. Time To Cash In.

January 10th, 2012BY: BayBrotha Akil.

The African American Community as a national collective is non exsistant today.  Over the years the systematic dismantling of our social and economic power has effectively crippled our people and I fear it is at the point of no return.  This may sound like a hard thing to say but look at the evidence.  Under funded and failing schools and the highest illiteracy rates, Prisons packed with over 1 million of our men, roughly 8,000 to 10,000 black people murdered each year since the 80’s, the highest unemployment rates, fatherless children and husbandless women, the highest abortion rates and infant mortality rates (My own First Born  Son Died), dilapidation then gentrification, redevelopment fund skipping black communities, continuing drug infiltration and increased gang violence, blatant disrespect of the black image in the media.. ect… ect.. ect…

There’s a new movie out called “The Debt” and it’s about Former Jewish victims of the Nazi death camps seeking their revenge on the German officers who got away.  This is celebrated and accepted by Jewish people and the world as they will never let you forget about the atrocities suffered by the Jews.  My question is WHY is the suffering of the African American any less important.  What kind of reception would a move called “The Black Debt” get?  My people were  Kidnapped from their homeland, forced into slavery, men castrated and mutilated, women raped, families ripped apart, post slavery: Lynchings and killings of blacks, in the 1931, black men were infected with Syphilis by the government, Black towns like Rosewood Fl, and Greenwood Ok destroyed and it’s people murdered, The Creation of the HIV Virus, Black leaders killed and incarcerated, FBI’s plan to destroy blacks with Cointellpro, CIA Smuggling Cocaine to Black Communities and the declared War on the same Drugs, and The Prison Industrial Complex.

For centuries, African American people have paid  into the success of this country.  From the first stock sold on Wall Street (a Black Slave) to the cotton exports that built the wealth of many corporations and families this nation.  Black Slaves hands and backs are even reponsable for building the headquarters of the land that has denied us for so long (the White House).   In addition to the brutal and forced manual labor, what is the price for stripping 12.5 Million Enslaved people from the knowledge of their language, national origin, cultural heritage,  natural religion, and the division from their families.  What is the price for mutilations and lynchings, and how long should the African American people continue to hold onto the IOU of America?  People may tell me to forget about the past and move on.  They might say that slavery is old and has nothing to do with today but I beg to differ because we continue to live with the legacy of Slavery, Discrimination, and crimes against African Americans.

My life has been greatly effected by the drugs that was pushed on my people.  My father was not in my life, my home was violent and drugs destroyed my family.  At age 13 (During the flood of cocaine by the CIA in African American Communities) I was left home never to return.  My teenage years were spent in receiving homes, youth shelters and on the streets.  I became a very good car thief and criminal as a means of survival.  Role models were fellow criminals, killers, and hustlers and the lesson of the day was get money any way by any means.  Sadly, this is the reality for many of today’s youth as we are still working our way out of the shackles that have been placed on the minds of our people.  I am not angry nor do I wish any hard or retaliation, I only with to see my people respected and given the long overdue payment owed by the years, decades, and centuries of forced FREE Labor, inhumane atrocities, and the economic & judicial injustices we have suffered and continue to suffer today.

Am I a raciest? Not by a long shot! I happen to love all who love me.  I respect all who respect me, and I like all who likes me.  I am a Proud American and I work hard for my community as a whole.  As a Black Man and an African American citizen, I, like every Black Man has a duty and responsibility to lead and protect my people, my children and my community.  I have lived thru these very troubled times and am a survivor of the legacy of the raciest agenda.  African American people should expect to be paid the Debt due our people as your bank expects to receive their mortgage payment each month.  I don’t want welfare nor do I agree with it.  The contribution of African American people in this country should be looked upon with respect and honor.  From the American Revolution to the war in Afghanistan, African American people fought and continue to for the Love of America.   We should have the opportunity to achieve economic success and the African American people have for the history of America paid  our premiums and now is the time we collect on this debt.

– BayBrotha AKIL

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3 thoughts on “The Black Debt.. Time To Cash In.

  1. Aktil your words are sharp and penetrating…There is always a but at the end of every cut…Do you recall the government threating to incarcerate anyone who filed for compensation from a slave debt owed to them…It was big new for a min., but my point is, we are to separated as a people to identify with being one and standing up to the BIG BOSS man, (Government), to receive that debt owed to us…Akil your words is called ‘WAKE-UP EVERYBODY NO MORE SLEEPING IN BED’…Keep it up my brotha someone is listen…Thank you!

  2. You conveyed your prospective very well. It happens to be the prospective of many others who won’t voice their opinion in regards to the well known, under stated disrespect for African Americans and our history. The topic is very heavy therefore most will choose not to pick it up and carry it. Thank God for strong black men like yourself who will bear the weight. I comment because I feel your pain as if it is my pain. I am, Mother, sister, daughter, cousin of black men that have a similar upbringing such as yours. This topic stirs emotions inside that I literally can physically feel. Please continue to spread love. Our young Men need good
    examples to be shown through your words, actions, and reactions. Change is inevitable and definite, let’s make it a change for the better. 1Luv*

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