About Akil


singer who plays the acoustic guitar, a talented producer and rap artist whose words are positive and motivating.  Baybrotha get’s his name from growing up in bay area neighborhoods in Richmond, Oakland, Berkeley  and San Francisco,  he left home at 13 and was lost in the streets as many of our young people today.  But his vision, his deep passion for his people, and his gift of words, inspired him to be a voice of conscience.

Despite rapping for years, BayBrotha Akil released the (serious) cd in 2006 and made #3 on the garageband.com (currently ilike.com) all time rap charts.  The serious album hit a chord with local leaders.  The president of the 100 black men of Sacramento added the song “you’re a man now” to their website because of the powerful message to young black males.  Baybrotha was invited to speak at the Susan Taylor press conference Dec 2008 for the launch of her N. California cares mentoring movement.

Akil on Stage Dec 11th

Other performances include: the MLK day celebration 2009, the black expo gospel stage 2009, the NAACP 100 year anniversary award ceremony at Sacramento   senator Darryl Steinberg’s “pass port to summer” youth event,  the 100 black men’s “young male conference” in front of 900 young men and their families, the Sacramento sweet potato festival where the host: Petri Byrd had BayBrotha Akil perform an encore.

Baybrotha began the home grown soul show Aug 2008 at Marilyn’s in downtown Sacramento   With a great team and a little bit of luck, the home grown soul show became the most successful weekly soul music showcase Sacramento has seen.  Baybrotha is now the host of the home grown soul radio show on v101.1fm.  The mission of the radio show is to be a platform for independent artist to showcase their music as well as be the best place for soul music  fans to find great independent soul artists.


Baybrotha is active in the community and was appointed as an executive member of the Sacramento NAACP in 2011.  Baybrotha is the founder/president of urban fatherhood network.  His mission is to repair and heal our communities by creating education & training opportunities, and revitalizing our neighborhoods.

Akil’s is a man with a mission, an artist with passion, and father with determination.  Listen to his music, support his cause by buying a song, or CD and if you like his words, his message, and his mission… Tell a friend!  http://www.baybrotha.com/buy_music.html

Akil Mier Beach

“I have things say about my life, my perspective, my community, my struggles, my pain, and my redemption.  For a long time i have been like a vinyl record with a scratch, repeating the same mistakes over and over again.  Only now have i begun to see a clearing in the path toward membership in american society.

I will post my thoughts, ideas, poems, verses from songs, and if you’re lucky… my music.  Thanks for stopping by and i hope to hear from you.

Feel free to support the music, you can purchase the entire double CD online.. At www.baybrotha.com  there is a lot of really great music about life, love, and pain.  If you enjoy it, tell your friends to support it.  Then maybe i can compete with the negative messages that major labels about flooding our airways with.  Thank you again for visiting the site and supporting my efforts.”  – BayBrotha Akil


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